ErasisX Presentation

Decorative Plastic is pleased and proud to present ErasisX, though similar materials are available, this one of a kind material is not available anywhere else in the world.

ErasisX is formulation and coating on artificial leather that protects the integrity of not only the top of the leather but through out the entire whole of the leather. It protects and can easily remove white board ink, stains, lip stick, eye shadow, crayon, dirt, grime and even wine, plus almost anything from products that use ErasisX.

Even more than that the ErasisX material is manufactured using a special manufacturing process that includes UV protection, Sweet protection, Fungus and Mildew protection, water protection, so as to be available for any type of use in any leather application.

ErasisX can be used to manufacture Bags, Furniture, Shoes, wallets, Marine application, Automotive material, sports items, apparel, spa covers and in any application where leather or PU is used. ErasisX will make a great substitute for any leather or PU products. It is both economical in price and usage and will make any item that uses ErasisX as a product, beautiful, unbeatable and incomparable.

It is our intention to distribute ErasisX to only one distributor in each country, we will work together with our distributor to assist in advertising both via the internet as well as in local areas as deem needed, we will apply the same price to all countries as well as discuss the retail, wholesale and mailing selling prices, so that all countries are in the same range of prices. Our objective is to help bring the consumer to you and together to ErasisX