ErasisX the test

The video is ErasisX “THE TEST”

Since the 10 of October 2013 when ErasisX was introduce we have been flooded with calls and request for this product, our initial shipment to our first confirmed distributor is currently
Being manufactured and will be shipped within November 2013.

Many people have asked to see how special this product is, how easy it is to clean this product and with this easy cleaning process this material can be used for almost any application.

To elaborate a little more about this special product, and its unique qualities I would like to say that this products includes so many special production and use capabilities.
This products includes an anti dirt and clean solution that allows the product to be cleaned easily, it includes Fire proof properties so it self extinguishing, it has anti Mildew and anti Fungal so no bacteria growth will occur,
it includes UV inhibitors and color fastness up to minimum 350 Hours and in some colors up to 650 Hours, it has a newly developed open foam properties that allow the material to breath similar to perforation and an anti sweat solution.

We have updated our YouTube video to show how easy it truly is to clean this product, The video is ErasisX “THE TEST” additional videos and information will follow shortly.