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Decorative Plastic Company Limited continues to strive in offering vinyl floor covering for flooring designs of homeowners. Transforming the floors is even greater because of the style and durability that vinyl floor covering has to offer.

Offering multiple variations and styles of vinyl flooring, you are sure to give the floors at home a detailed look. The flooring laminate sheet that we have to offer to our clients includes the thickness, width and length per roll. The thickness can range from 0.35 mm, 0.40mm, 0.45mm, 0.50mm, 0.60mm, 0.65mm, and 0.70mm. Each thickness has also the specific width and length for the preference of the clients.

Vinyl flooring from Decorative Plastic Company Limited comes in a wide array of looks from wood looks to natural stone. They are being offered at their reasonable prices that combine function and beauty. Vinyl is easy to clean and durable that can be easily installed in any part of your home.

Get the texture and richness of vinyl flooring that offers easy installation. It has all the styles that are backed by warranties. By installing our vinyl flooring, it can be an effective way of enhancing the beauty of your home. Add up the value of your house by our vinyl floor covering that is convenient to install, durable and easy to maintain. This is worth of your investment for as long as you follow the buying guides and watch the project guides for its installation.

Being a recognized vinyl flooring supplier, Decorative Plastic Company Limited offers only the exceptionally clean and durable vinyl flooring. Our vinyl flooring is an excellent choice for homeowners located in the high-traffic areas. With their tile, stone and wood looks, they are as stylish and strong to use.

Our vinyl flooring is resilient and has its spectacular definition for a realistic floor that enhances the home décor. Enjoy its superior comfort that means of comfortable vinyl flooring. Naturally beautiful, we are proud to offer our vinyl flooring for its value, beauty and durability. Just choose the best installation option that works for you and enjoy more resilient flooring that last for years.

Our flooring designs are made possible by the use of vinyl flooring with the beautiful effects and color. Our impressive collection of flooring designs has set us apart from our competitors. Even our vinyl flooring is scuff and scratch resistant, moisture resistant and easy to maintain and clean.

Our flooring designs are great and impressive to look because we incorporate vinyl flooring. We adjust vinyl flooring to best reflect the unique patterns and textures. Our flooring designs can range from their specifications; floor page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and so on.

With our wide choices to choose from, our clients continue to rely on us for vinyl flooring. From their affordability and durability, their characteristics still set them apart from others. We believe that many of our clients consider vinyl flooring as their finest choice for flooring. Also, our vinyl flooring is simple but durable flooring!

Thickness Width Length per roll
0.35 mm 54", 56", 72", 79" 30 yards Or meters
0.40 mm 54", 56", 72", 79" 30 yards Or meters
0.45 mm 54", 56", 72", 79" 30 yards Or meters
0.50 mm 54", 56", 72", 79" 30 yards Or meters
0.55 mm 54", 56", 72", 79" 30 yards Or meters
0.60 mm 54", 56", 72", 79" 30 yards Or meters
0.65 mm 54", 56", 72", 79" 30 yards Or meters
0.70 mm 54", 56", 72", 79" 30 yards Or meters