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Table Cloth

PVC Tablecloth   table covers    printed tablecloth 

Being a vinyl table cloth supplier, Decorative Plastic Company Limited is committed to providing only the high quality vinyl tablecloth that comes at the perfect price. With quality blend, we assure to provide the best vinyl tablecloth for the needs of our clients.

Our vinyl tablecloth has the best composition; with plain plastic or printed sheeting with non-woven backing. Available in various finishings, packing’s and sizes, nothing compares to our list of vinyl table cloth.

Found in twenty millimeters length, one-hundred twenty, one-hundred forty and one-hundred sixty centimeters widths, our vinyl table cloth is backed by the high quality standard. Its protective film is good for the printed surface and is fully resistant for aggressive cleansers.

The composition of our vinyl tablecloth has its PP backing and is available with various packing’s, sizes and finishing’s. We assure that our clients can enjoy using our vinyl tablecloth that has a textured and great look. They simply create a good foundation for each meal that makes it perfect to use for both outdoors and indoors.

Designed in their visually appealing pattern, they are convenient to clean and are perfect for outdoor and indoor dining area. It is just impressive to have this table cloth from ours, where you can be most satisfied.

Trusted as a Vinyl tablecloth manufacturer, our vinyl table cloth to offer can create a natural touch to a table. It creates an inviting touch as part of your home décor.

Our set of vinyl table cloth is stylish enough for any special events or special occasions. This is practical to use that sticky finger and spills are not big issues. They are durable and convenient to clean because of their added protection. Available in different patterns, we believed that our table cloth is great for damaged tables and outdoor picnics.

There are many benefits to get from the purchase of our vinyl table cloths that make them perfect for outdoors or indoors. They add up to decorative touch for the dining room that their flannel backing helps in preventing it against slipping.

Being a stain-resistant vinyl table cloth, this is easy to clean up with the use of a damp cloth. Our vinyl table cloth is one of the best products that we can offer to our clients who look for ways to change their home décor.

Protecting the tables efficiently and effectively is possible by the use of vinyl table cloth. There is no longer a need to sacrifice the style because our selection of tablecloth best fit to your needs. Our vinyl table cloth is perfect for catered events or picnics that need a strong table cover. They can be wiped clean and stored easily that make them perfect to use for pizza shops, diners and barbecue joints.

  • Composition: Printed or plain plastic sheeting with PP non-
    woven backing.
  • Available in ready made table covers in different finishings, sizes
    and packings.
  • Also available in meterware, rolls of 20m lenght, in 120, 140 and     160cm widths.

    Table Cloth with backing – High quality standard due to the existing protective film topping the printed surface, making it fully resistant to the use of aggressive cleansers.

    • Composition: Printed plastic sheeting with non-woven PP backing.
    • Available in ready made table covers with different finishings, sizes and packings.
    • Ex-stock in meterware rolls of 20m lenght, in 120 and 140cms widths.
Thickness Width Length per roll
0.06 mm 54", 56" One Side 50 yards Or meters
0.07 mm 54", 56" One Side 50 yards Or meters
0.08 mm 54", 56" One Side 50 yards Or meters
0.09 mm 54", 56" One Side 50 yards Or meters
0.15 mm 54", 56", Double Side 50 yards Or meters