PVC Decorative Film

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Being a recognized PVC manufacturer, Decorative Plastic Company Limited continues to meet the demands of people to PVC decorative films. With high quality service, we have easily reached our domestic market in PVC decorative film wood grain overlay.

The PVC decorative films that we produce are applied to serve their decoration purposes. They are utilized as a decorative material for all wooden boards. They could also undergo hot laminating, cold laminating, vacuum pressing and gluing.

With features of exquisite color, waterproof, distinct pattern and low cost, our PVC decorative films are perfect material for furniture and indoor decoration. The real estate industry can depend on us for PVC decorative film-wood grain overlay. This is for the reason that they can be utilized as a decorative material for plywood, plastic profiles, fiberboard’s, wooden boards and MDF. Our choices for wood grain overlay PVC decorative films are numbered as #20, #19, #18, #17, #16, and many more.

Apart from it, they differ in width, length and thickness to complement to the different waterproof patterns. Brilliantly designed for their purpose, they have their set of features that make them even remarkable. They are waterproof, fireproof and easy to clean with the ability of resisting abrasion.

Rich in unfading and exquisite colors, our PVC decorative film-wood grain overlay is chemical resistant and wear-resistant. These are two characteristics that set our PVC decorative film apart from others. Perfect for decorative surface, this material is even great to use for indoor purposes. Its exceptional ability of being used in wide applications makes it a number one decorative film to use. This item has its biggest market potential as the clients continue to purchase it.

Widely utilized in the decoration of compartments, offices, rooms, kitchens, sideboards, our PVC decorative film, such as wood grain overlay is perfect for your interior project. The best thing about our PVC decorative film is that pasting and replacing it are made simple. There is no need to seek the assistance of construction personnel. The film already has a gum and thus, pasting it is made easy.

Perfect to be used as a decorative material, the PVC decorative film wood grain overlay that we offer are made to fit on desks, computer tables, kitchen cabinets, high-end furniture, steel-panel doors, furniture industry, indoor decorations.

Our selection of PVC decorative film wood grain overlay has their different thickness that meets the various market preferences and needs of the customers. Our in-house line of PVC decorative film meets the quality standards that our clients are looking for in the domestic market.

We also have attained our certificates in the manufacture of PVC decorative films that allow us to supply them in the market. With a variety of designs, this has helped us in gaining a good reputation in the industry.

Application Thickness Width (Inch) Length per roll Softness (PHR)
Wood grain 0.10-0.50 mm 48-52 250-500 yds 22-25
Plywood 0.12-0.50 mm 48-52 250-500 yds 22-25
Tile 0.08-0.30 mm 48-60 250-500 yds 22-25
Office Tables 0.15 mm 50-52 300 yds 22-30