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Decorative Plastic Company Limited started in 2004 as an extension of our mother companies manufacturing base in Thailand. We were requested by the Thai Government to move a portion of our machines and set up on a plot of Land between the border of Lao and Vietnam. The special incentive given to us for the move, prompted us to move 4 of our 11 calendars to this new Facility.

With our already vast manufacturing experience in the field of PVC Decorative plastic was created to manufacture PVC Artificial leather, Super clear sheet, PVC clear films, Overlay materials, Wall coverings, banner sheets and many other high density and high quality PVC products. Initially the facility was meant to only cater to the local market however with the expansion and growth of our facility both in Thailand and at Amatta we felt that worldwide service was the next natural coerce of action.

Recently in our Thai facility we substituted two lines specifically to manufacture PVC Sponge flooring. The quality and taste of this particular Product is unmatchable. Using the concept that this material will be placed in your homes and as replacement for Marble or granite we have tried capture the elegance of the most outstanding homes around the world that are presently using and or are about to use our PVC sponge flooring.

Presently including the floorings and the above products we are also manufacturing PVC Floor covering Glass Ware Layer, PVC Supper clear films. We supply to book binding companies and PVC expanded vinyl’s or artificial leather.

Our range in Artificial leathers caters to a wide Varity of applications, from furniture, to shoes to marine grade materials automotive and much more. We also use the calendaring, vacuum embossing and casting process

Currently with the improvements in the PVC industry and as we have always been the innovator not only when it comes to making PVC for specific uses but for many of the new ideas in the world market today, We felt that we would put a touch of class in the manufacturing of PVC sponge flooring and bring the standard back to its original class by making the best quality finish using only high quality materials you would feel comfortable using in your home with your family.