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PVC Clear flim   pvc sheet    Clear sheet    

Being a reliable PVC sheeting manufacturer, our goal is to provide PVC sheeting that has their excellent weather resistance and corrosion resistance. Our solid and transparent PVC sheeting is resistant to corrosive environments and chemicals. It is easy to install and fabricate along the use of conventional tools.

Strong and rigid, our PVC film sheeting products are clear with the highest transmission perfect for signage. Included in our list of PVC film sheeting products is transparent film and sheet, translucent film and sheet, emboss and colored film and sheet, printed film, overlay sheet and edging sheet, wall coverings, heavy gauge clear film, banner film and tarpaulin, sticker film and non phthalate films both in opaque and clear and artificial leather.

All materials are made available in laminated layer or single layer for durability usage. Our emboss designs are perfect to use with one-hundred eighty patterns. The best thing from our printing designs is that they come in two-hundred patterns and various colors. New printing designs and emboss are available upon the request of our customers.

Our PVC sheeting products meet the demands of our clients for various purposes such as main material for their album and stationary folders and files. They are also perfect to use for the inner lining of baggage and surface sheet.

Perfect for sole liners and shoes uppers, they applied best for textile products as a packaging material. PVC sheeting has a wide range of applications for toys material, bags pocket, electrical appliance and computer covers, wood lamination for table, wall, cabinet and partitions, shower curtains, disaster pouches, disposable covers, urine bags, roofing covers, shade blinds, insulators, water bed, umbrella material and decorative or advertising material.

Versatile to use from home construction to food packaging, PVC sheeting has its excellent strength to flame resistance and weight ratio. Being a low cost material, this is a perfect choice for a material that meets the demanding applications of people. They are also excellent materials that can resist chemical and dielectric properties, mechanical strength, and good tensile.

Possessing a high resistance, they are perfect to use on many chemicals that include alcohols, alkalis, and concentrated acids. Their mechanical strength and convenience makes them useful plastic for pipe components and fittings.

Our PVC sheeting products have their key features that include of chemical resistance, excellent impact strength, high self extinguishing and fire ratings, excellent thermal and electrical insulation, non toxic and the like.

With our experience in PVC sheeting, it allows us to control its thickness for a consistent sheet. It allows us to create different materials from different properties. The materials that we use can also withstand the weather conditions, making our PVC sheeting the best.

Being a PVC sheeting manufacturer, we uphold to our mission of providing high quality PVC sheeting without the problem on maintenance problems. Homeowners can choose our PVC sheeting for their being lightweight. Installed easily with woodworking tools, our PVC sheeting products have chemical resistance such as alkalis and acids. Their rigidity makes them perfect for fabrication purposes among homeowners!

Thickness 0.07mm - 5.0 mm with standard width 48", 54", 60",72"

Transparent Film & Sheet

  • Translucent Film & Sheet
  • Emboss & colored Film & Sheet
  • Printed Film
  • Overlay sheet & Edging Sheet
  • Wall coverings
  • Heavy Guage Clear film
  • Banner film & Tarpaulin
  • Sticker Film
  • Non Phthalate films both in Artificial leather and clear and opaque

The materials are available in Single Layer or Laminated Layer for higher durability usage. Emboss Designs are available over 180 patterns. Printing Designs are available over 200 patterns and multiple Color Variations. New Emboss / New Printing designs available on customer 's request


  • Stationary Files & Folders , Albums main material
  • Bags & Luggage Inner Lining & Surface Sheet
  • Shoes uppers & sole liners
  • Steel furniture cover
  • Packaging material for textile products
  • Table Cloth with printing designs
  • Wood Lamination for Partitions, Table , Cabinet , Wall
  • Automotive Door Trim, Sunvisors and other Interior Parts
  • Inflatable Toys material
  • Covers , Bags Pocket , Sachet by Welding process
  • Computer , Electrical appliance covers
  • Shower Curtains and Room Black - out Curtains
  • Medical Urine Bags , Disaster Pouches , Hospital Disposable Covers
  • Shade Blinds and Roofing covers
  • Insulator for water proofing barrier
  • Water Bed main material
  • Umbrella main material
  • Advertising sheet material for printing / decorative