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Artificial Leather

pvc artificial leather  pvc leatherette   vinyl leather  pvc synthetic leather  pvc sponge leather pvc rexine

Decorative Plastic Company Limited has a wide array of artificial leathers that can cater to the varied applications of homeowners, businesses and the like. The use of artificial leathers can range from shoes, furniture and marine grade materials. In fact, there is so much more to choose from our artificial leather products.

PVC artificial leathers are made available in different fabrics with or even without supporting material. Our PVC artificial leather contains a compact surface layer and foam backing that serves their best purposes to those who need them the most.

Our PVC artificial leathers are designed to effectively meet their areas of application. Our synthetic leathers are intended for seating upholstery and coverings inside the vehicles. We make it certain that our products are great to be used for bags such as travel bags, shopping bags, handbags, suitcases, cosmetic bags, wallets and the like.

The shoe industry can count on us for the artificial leather materials that they need for their sport shoes. There is no way that they cannot get a continued supply of artificial leathers. We make it certain that the demand for artificial leather by other industries is being met. Even the fashion industry can rely on us for artificial PVC leather that is essential for fashion accessories, work clothes and rainwear.

Our clients are most assured that our PVC artificial leather products are resistant to weather conditions and chemicals. They can resist from the cold, heat, water and ultra-violet light. Our quality control procedures are effective in ensuring that our PVC artificial leathers have the stable shape and high tensile strength. These are the qualities that contribute to the properties of the material. Many designers value synthetic leather that is made from PVC material due to its range of surface textures and colors.

Our artificial leather products are designed for many varied applications. The lightweight artificial leather proves to have the most advantage for being insensitive to dirt. But, what sets us apart from other PVC suppliers is that our artificial leather products are intended for cost-effectiveness. They are designed to offer numerous possibilities for handbags and other products.

Our selections of PVC leathers range from casting leathers, sponge leathers, sponge leathers BO1 and sponge leathers B02. They have their variations that can go from navy, grey, brown and yellow. Their sizes also differ from 1.0*55”, 1.0*54”, 0.85*54” and many more.

Decorative Plastic Company Limited is trusted to delivering high quality artificial leather materials. With our vast experience in the manufacture of artificial leather, we approve for the quality of our products. We believe that our taste in artificial leather products is incomparable to others.

We are hoping that you enjoy using our artificial leathers as much as we are delighted to bringing all products to you. We believe that our artificial leather products are the best to find in the industry today. Our consistent efforts of providing only the best products have set us as the number one innovator and provider in the industry. We promise you the newest artificial leather products to see from us in the next years to come!

Application Thickness Width (cms) Length per roll Softness (PHR)
General Purposes mm 137-140 30-60 yds 40-80
Fashion 0.12-0.50 mm 137-140 30-60 yds 50-80
Vehicle Seat 0.08-0.30 mm 137-140 30-60 yds 70-90
Shoes 0.15 mm 137-140 30-60 yds 70-90
Marine 0.08-0.30 mm 137-140 30-60 yds 85-100